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We are continuing working and testing on other platforms. Send us an email if you wish us to prioritize your blog platform.

Customer Reviews

Works flawlessly! (USA)
Since the app store opened, I have been waiting for Google to pick up the slack and release an app. Since they still haven't done it yet, I decide to purchase this app and love it! All of the formatting issue I have with emailing my blogs to Blogger are gone!

Neat~~ (USA)
I like this app since it is very neat. What surpised me was that it brought me to the actual blog page to see what I just posted. Everything looks smooth.

Wanderfun app (UK)
Very wonderful app, working fine with MSN space, although there is plenty app says compatible with that, but this is the finally have the same interface when I am using the Live Writer on the PC...


The missing blogging app for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad
Rich features and easy to use!

"If you want to blog on the go quickly and easily, I highly recommend BlogPress. It will save you a TON of frustration blogging on the go."

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BlogPress Now Also Designed For iPad

Highlighted features

  • Just A better editor design for blog editing: BlogPress support text-image mixed layout and it is as easy as Word. Placing your photos anywhere in the text is now a few taps away!! even you don't know html code. The posts will look the same as your editing.
  • No limitation and easy-to-use photo uploader: You can upload MORE THEN ONE photo in a single post to any supported platform. Photos will be uploaded either to your own Flickr, Picasa Web Album or to BlogPress Public Album hosted by us. Thumbnails will be auto generated and link to the full size images.
  • Youtube video upload integration: You can also upload MORE THEN ONE video to Youtube and insert the player into the post directly.
  • Simple HTML Quick Insert: a very convenience to create links, bold text, italic text and event font and color. Make you a professional blogger!
  • Work with Twitter and Facebook: Update the status on Twitter and Facebook, notify all your friends your blog updated.
  • Write once, multiple posts: By just one click!! you can send the same post to multiple blogs at various platforms. If you have more than one blog, this will definitely be a handy feature for you.
  • TextExpender Supporting: BlogPress support the magic app TextExpender which can make you much more fast writing on iOS
  • Landscape Editing Mode:
    allow you input your article with "big finger" landscape keyboard. When your keyboard is showed up, rotate your iPhone/iPod touch to enter landscape editing mode. When you finish editing, just rotate it back.

  • Support Emoji icons:
    Writing your article with more fun. BlogPress support iPhone OS Emoji icons. You can add more then 450 interesting icons to you every article. Such as:

    (Need iPhone OS 2.2 or later, you need to enable Emoji keyboard in Setting)

Other features:

  • Support most of the mainstream blog platforms:
    - Blogger / BlogSpot
    - MSN Live Spaces
    - WordPress
    - Movable Type
    - TypePad
    - LiveJournal
    - Drupal
    - Joomla
    - Tumblr
    - Squarespace
    - My Opera
  • Support full options of blog: Labels/tags, categories, publish date and online draft(private post)
  • Support full thumbnails attributes: Resize, alignment and links
  • Simple and elegant desinged: Clear and no confusing interface, easy to use, no need to learn. The buttons display only when you need it.
  • Support Draft Auto Saving:save writing text every minute to iTunes shared document folder, easy to recover if app quit abnormally.
  • Save drafts & Preview: Write on the way, save and preview in any time. Post them when you are online.
  • Manage multiple blogs Easily write, edit and delete your posts and drafts.
  • Signature customization Setup your personal signature for every post from your iPhone.
  • Other: Support secure HTTPS connection, support WiFi, 3G and EDEG networks
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