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We are continuing working and testing on other platforms. Send us an email if you wish us to prioritize your blog platform.

Customer Reviews

Works flawlessly! (USA)
Since the app store opened, I have been waiting for Google to pick up the slack and release an app. Since they still haven't done it yet, I decide to purchase this app and love it! All of the formatting issue I have with emailing my blogs to Blogger are gone!

Neat~~ (USA)
I like this app since it is very neat. What surpised me was that it brought me to the actual blog page to see what I just posted. Everything looks smooth.

Wanderfun app (UK)
Very wonderful app, working fine with MSN space, although there is plenty app says compatible with that, but this is the finally have the same interface when I am using the Live Writer on the PC...

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why I can not connect to Blogger/BlogSpot?

If you are using non-gmail account for Blogger/BlogSpot, you need to validate your email at Blogger/BlogSpot user's profile first.

2. Why I can not connect to my WordPress blog?

If you are using self-hosted WordPress, you need to enable XML-RPC at WordPress control panel first. (Setting -> Writing -> Remote Publish -> XML-RPC)

3. Why I can not connect to my MovableTyple?

You need to setup a "Web Sevice Password" first at MovableType user's profile, not the "Login Password".

4. Why I can not connect to Joomla?

You need enable "Web Service" at Joomla's back-end system. Also, you need to install and enable MetaWeblog plug-in for Joomla.

5. How can I recover the post from "Auto Saving"?

BlogPress save the writing post every minute. If the app quit abnormally, you can recover your work from iTunes apps shared document folder.

6. There is a posting error, how to solved it?

Please go "Settings" and edit the blog info & save to make sure the username and password is right. If still not work, try to remove BlogPress then re-sync or re-download it from iTunes. (You don't need to pay twice) If still not work after the re-install, please contact us by click "Contact Developer" in "Settings"

7. Why my post is always unpublished or with incorrect date?

Make sure you have the same time zone settings on your iOS device and your blog.

8. Why my photo uploaded by BlogPress looks no so good on my blog?

You can change your photo scale size in settings. If set your photo thumbnail size large then 300, we suggest you use Flickr as your photo storage, it can provide 600x800 for thumbnail largest.

Any other questions or ideas?

Please feel free contact me, I will relpy you!




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